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Since 1959, Hudson Construction Company has developed its reputation by successfully building high-quality, fast-track projects, shopping centers, industrial facilities, restaurants, multi-family, and Class-A office and financial buildings. We have offices in four states to serve our clients and a dedicated team equipped to take on even the most challenging of projects.

Hudson is a leading builder for some of the nation’s most successful companies, including: Walmart, Academy Sports, Home Depot, FedEx, Publix, Bojangles, and many others. Our ongoing projects extend the Hudson name across the United States, constructing a network of highly-visible, multi-million dollar centers and developments. We are licensed in 27 states and have over 60 years of experience, making us an industry leader you can count on.

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Safety Every Person, Every Job

At Hudson Construction, safety has always been a top priority. We make a conscious commitment to safety in the workplace by continually having our personnel trained in the latest OSHA safety requirements and first aid procedures. Every member of our team recognizes that cautiousness and thoughtful precision are essential on every job site. We take pride in a safety record that proves our dedication to safe practices.

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I can honestly say that Hudson Construction Company, Inc. is hands down one of the top general contractors from top to bottom that we have worked for. They have always conducted themselves very professionally and have always treated us with great respect. They are a wonderful organization and produce a quality project on time. They always assist and push for resolution to construction issues that arise, and we always look forward to working with them on projects because we know that we will always be treated fairly and with respect. They are a great organization!”

- Randy King, Boatright Company, Inc.

“Paul, I have known you for approximately 22 years and have worked directly with you as a project manager on many projects. Your unique ability to analyze the project and come to a full understanding of all the pieces and parts prior to the start of construction is something that sets you apart from other construction professionals I have worked with. You anticipate issues and conflicts and are proactive in your approach to resolving the problems that inevitably occur. Your projects always seem to proceed smoothly, on-budget, and with minimum delays. You have incredible superintendents and enjoy great relationships with your subs.

Another quality that makes you my “go-to” guy for restaurant construction is your ability to work with alternatives and uncertainly on renovations. The full scope of things is not always known until after demolition is complete, and when there are unexpected field conditions, you work through these issues seamlessly. I would recommend you and Hudson Construction to anyone who is considering using you as a GC, and I would be happy to speak with them directly about our work together over the years. I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

- Robb McKerrow, r*development

“Grayco Electrical, Inc. has conducted business with Hudson Construction since 1991. Hudson Construction has always operated in a professional manner and pays promptly. Grayco considers Hudson to be a valuable customer.”

- Earl H. Graham, President of Grayco Electrical, Inc.

“When I choose contractors for our shopping center projects, I choose people that I can trust and that have a good reputation in our industry. Then I use them over and over again. That’s why I choose Hudson. The company is top-shelf, and they do exactly what they say they will. They’ve built a company of good people, and together we’ve built a great relationship.”

- Rich Wingo, Blackwater Resources, LLC

“Hudson is one of the select contractors who meet our requirements. They’re quality-conscious and consistent. Even on a difficult project, they have the ability to stick with it and perform.”

- Bo Murphy, WRS Real Estate Development

“When contracting Hudson Construction Company as a GC on my projects, I know that I will always have strong superintendents and a quality project. Projects have run smoothly because the team put in place work together from before construction to the completion.”

- Michael P. Locey, CDO of Twin Peaks Restaurants & La Cima Restaurants

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