CDL Driver

CDL Driver will be responsible for safely and efficiently completing necessary job tasks, including operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle and labor in the field as needed. Compliance with all applicable DOT guidelines and regulations will be the core responsibility of the CDL Driver. This position will have varying working conditions, as some days it will entail driving only jobs and others will involve laboring in the field as part of a crew. Inclement weather will be a factor as well as other unforeseen working conditions. The potential exists to operate the vehicle in a variety of surroundings, including city and highway traffic flows as well as extended distances between destinations.


  • Perform pre & post-trip inspections thoroughly
  • Maintain cleanliness and integrity of vehicle and equipment
  • Immediately report any necessary repairs and/or maintenance needed ยท
  • Actively ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and DOT guidelines, including HOS and Log Book requirements
  • Ensure the vehicle is consistently supplied with all proper paperwork
  • Responsible for proper cargo securement prior to transit
  • Safely operate any motor vehicle in compliance with all traffic laws and according to varying traffic/road conditions.
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