Hudson Microsurfacing Service A Driver-Preferred Approach to Surfacing

A unique blend of high-quality ingredients makes microsurfacing a popular choice for preventive road maintenance. Microsurfacing results in a uniform, black color and a smooth, quiet ride, which makes it a favorite among drivers. This advanced approach also sets quickly, making project time and road closures shorter, while the results typically last as long as six to eight years.

This surfacing is especially effective safety-wise, as it is resistant to rutting and shoving in summer and cracking in winter, and it’s ideal for preventing water intrusion and for fixing surface irregularities like wheel ruts. With microsurfacing, there isn’t the increased issue of flying aggregate that can hit windshields and damage cars. It’s also exceptionally skid-resistant in wet conditions.

What Is Microsurfacing?

Microsurfacing is similar to slurry seal in that it’s made of a water, asphalt emulsion, and aggregate mixture. The difference, however, is that the asphalt emulsion used for microsurfacing contains chemical additives that allow it to break or harden without relying on heat for evaporation to occur, as with slurry seal. A polymer is also often added to the emulsion to provide better mixture properties. This option is ideal for a variety of road conditions, but its benefits complement high-traffic and shaded roads.

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